The Jan Kochanowski Popular Theatre, active since 1976, is the only professional theatre in Radom, a city of 250 000 inhabitants. It's a repertory theatre.A theatre for the viewers, talking to as massive and as diverse audiences as possible. Such a definition of theatre envisages a diversity of forms, content, and recipients. We prepare 8 to 13 premieres annually on four stages in implementation of this vision.

The highlight of the Radom Theatre has been the International Gombrowicz Festival organised since 1993 -- the only festival in Poland dedicated to a single author and promoting Polish literature abroad. Ensembles from Argentina, Russia, the US, Sweden, France, Germany, Belarus, the UK, Belgium, Hungary, Ukraine, Slovakia, Lithuania have visited the eleven editions of our festivals.Since its 8th edition (2008), the Festival has been a competition judged by an international jury including theatre experts -- critics, directors, theoreticians. 

Our artistic range runs the whole gamut from first stagings and authorial performances, classics in their traditional and modernised formats, spectacular music halls, intimate contemporary plays, items for younger audiences and for those looking forward to entertainment.

We try to treat the theatre - viewer relationship seriously. We talk to our Spectators of their fears, joys, and trouble. We learn and enjoy ourselves, always with an eye to the core of our work: Art...

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